14 abr. 2010

Just Friends ~

How do I tell him.. what it's going on inside my head?
I have to make an appointment with him.. I'm afraid.
He arrives with a silly smile on his face, but that wasn't
enough for making me feel bad at all.
I decide to make an effort to go straigth and talk to him.
How do I start to say something so sad like "I don't love anymore"
even when he's staring at me every freacking second that I breath!
it's just sad... "it's not you, it's me"?..
yeah, kinda old stuff, but true in the end.
So here I go: I don't wanna make this any longer,
I'm worried because I feel diferent that I did at the begining,
I'm sorry.. I really am, but I can't do this to you anymore.
You see, I want you to be happy, and that means that I have to let you go.
I asked once: do you wanna be my boyfriend?, and you answer me: not yet..
and that was very far from I was expecting of you.
So I asked you again, but a new diferent question: do you wanna be friends?
with all my love, to you; my friend
Dedicado especialmente a F.